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License Manager remote upload AC26


I uploaded and was using my license on my laptop over the holidays. My laptop has crashed and awaiting repair. In the meantime, I cannot access my Archicad license on my desktop computer. Is there a way to upload the license to the pool without being on that computer? I've tried logging into my admin webpage but do not see an option to do this.


Thank you.




As far as I'm aware, You should send request to GS ( througn your locas GS reseller).

Wojciech Jakubowski
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Barry Kelly

Yes you will need to contact your local Archicad support people - the ones you bought your licence from.

You should also be able to start Archicad with an 'emergency' license - I think this will tide you over for about 5 days while you contact your support.



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This has been requested before, and it needs addressed for these type of situations. It also applies if you work from home and forget to upload before you go to work on a computer at a different location. I don't see why there is a problem, you still have to login through the Licence Manager Tool at which point the previous login can be terminated and the licence transferred.

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FYI...had to contact Graphisoft support, fill out a 'lost' form, and be reissued a new license number. Not ideal and was resolved within the 8-hour work day. Seems so archaic.

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