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Losing Menu or Palets

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Hi, i am new to the the forum and i encounter some important problem with Arcicad 11. I live in Greece so i use the Greek version of the program and the reason i am writing to this forum is to ask for your opinion about the problem i am facing.
Well i install windows xp pro sp2 so to have a clean installation, automatic updates updated my windows to the todays state, all the new drivers for all devices installed, i install Archicad 11 then when i try to use it, sometimes when i right click in the program the menus are getting lost or fading and when i move the mouse down in the almost lost-faded menu it appears each line one by one. Also in other situations some pallets i use to get stairs when i draw lines get lost and when i take the mouse to the pallet it shows me only the first, when i go to the vanished second which is below it shows it. Well i dont know what wrong, i have also updated with the patch but still nothing.
What i use:
1. Windows XP Pro SP2 full up to date,
2. Intel Pentium D socket 775 3.0GHZ,
3. ASUS ATI 2900 XT 512 MB full up to date - powerful card.
4. 2 GB memory installed DDR2 at 533 MHZ.

Well can you tell me as i am frustrated whats wrong:
1. Is the whole system wrong?
2. Is the card wrong, i have bouht this expensive model for best results,
3. Is a Archicad bug ( think of very possible. )
4. Is there any settings in program to change?
5. Anything else?


Brett Brown
If you use a microsoft mouse do not use drivers later than version 5.5.There is a conflict with lastest microsoft mouse drivers
Imac, Big Sur AC 20 NZ, AC 25 Solo UKI,

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