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New version: DesignLCA 4.0

Thomas Graabaek

DesignLCA 4.0 has just been released in the international version, that works with all localizations of Archicad. The new version works with Archicad 26 (build 4019 and later) and now also Archicad 27.


As usual DesignLCA makes an "Early Phase" Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to calculate the greenhouse emissions for a building including the building materials, energy for use and end of life. The user can choose which phases to include. Energy for use is calculated with EcoDesigner STAR (free for users with service or Forward agreement). DesignLCA 4.0 now includes energy production from solar panels included in LCA phase B6. 


The LCA is shown in a palette an updated with a single click. CO2e for materials are entered in the DesignLCA Material LCA Settings for each phase and you can choose between different units (kg, m2 or m3). The Material Report gives a fast overview of the CO2e footprint for each Building Material grouped by Archicad Layer. The LCA can be documented by placing DesignLCA GDL objects. these objects can turn off auto updating, letting the user document the change in LCA values during the project development. 


DesignLCA is free for download here:


Below you'll find a screenshot and the manual in English (PDF). 


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