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Can I edit material catalog?


Hi everyone,

I  want to calculate the embodied carbon from my model, and I am trying to edit the building materials' physical properties.

As I know, the material catalog can load the physical properties, but the data is unsuitable for our country.

Can I edit the material catalog directly? or I can load it from my catalog.

it would be appreciated if anyone could provide a solution.



Same for us we would like to modify the material catalog. We are looking for the software to make modification on Mac for . xml. We try to open with oxygen xml editor and it work. But we are afraid to save. Need help.



Just edit it in the Building Materials dialogue? Do remember though this is file specific, so if you make any changes and want them to carry over to other files, you will been to use the Attribute Manager to transfer them and possibly copy them over to the relevant template.

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Thanks for the information but already know that we can modify from archicad the value . what we want to know is how to édit it we want to add a information like the R-value as a row. What softwares to use to édit .XML file on archicad


I don´t know if I understand you correctly, but you can create a new property and make it available to the materials:









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Hello to everyone thanks for the answer but we already do that. What we want is to be able to modify the base of it and other .xml document. we need the software to edit those .xml so we put our need for the office.





Thanks for your suggestion, and yes, we modified the data in our template already. We keep trying to add more physical properties to building materials without creating a new tag in the property manager.


Yes, that was what we want. Is it possible to edit in XML editor?

Erwin Edel

My suspicion is that the Material Catalog is part of the ArchiCAD library. Since it is translated in our local version, but we only have attributes and library elements translated, not the actual interface of ArchiCAD.


Maybe extract the .LCF and see if you can find a file there.

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The material catalogue that you can use to load building material energy properties from can be found in your Archicad program folder ...



It is an XML file.

Whether you can edit it or not I can't say - I have never tried.

But I guess if you have an XML editor, and you keep the same formatting, it may be possible.

Make a copy and give it a go.


The only thing is is that this file is just a list of properties you can choose from when setting up your attributes - one building material at a time.

It is not a file you can import and update all attributes.





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