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AC15 Teamwork – problems selecting/editing certain items

Karl Frost
We have an ongoing problem with some Teamwork files. When we select a gridline or section line (most commonly) and reserve the selected item the highlight dots remain grey as if the item is locked. The info pop-up will say that the layer is locked (or sometimes hidden!), but if we unlock the layer it still refuses to let us edit the item, saying that the layer is locked (again). If we go back into the layer control box the layer shows as locked or hidden, even though we have just unlocked it/made it visible.
Once the problem starts occurring the only 'fix' we have found is to leave and re-join the project – this sorts the problem out but it will usually re-occur again later on.
Has anyone else had this problem/found a fix?
AC23 (7000 NZE Full) AC24 (6004 NZE Full)

OS 11.16.1 iMac Retina 5K 27" 2020, 64GB RAM

Not applicable
We had this too. It's even worse when Teamwork saying that the element is locked by another user in team (??? is there any way to do that?) . We normally turn off the file & re-open it, or ask the user who ArchiCAD reported that he locked the element to close & re-open the file.

It's just happented sometimes ago, no more now, dont really know why. It's still a mystery to me!

One suggestion is if possible you should re-share the project. To me it's one of common options (along with deleting local data & re-start & re-join)

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