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BIM server manager crashing all the time

I don't know whats happening, but with build 3269 the BIM server is acting really buggy.
Every time (and i mean every single time) i open the BIM Server Manager and then on a specific project's settings, the program crashes! And i cannot send a bug report because the GS bug reporter crashes too!!!

What's going on?
Mac OSX 10.15.7 | AC 26 INT 3001 FULL

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I currently have the same issue at my office. I've communicated with Graphisoft (US) and they shared with me this is not an isolated issue and are working on a resolution. Perhaps to be included in the next hotfix

As for why it is happening, I do not know. This ArchiCADwiki articlestates one possibility which is the log files of the project are too large. There is a solution included in the article, although it did not resolve the issue taking place at my office.

Unfortunately the biggest conflict this bug presents is my inability to rollback the backup of TW projects should it crash or malfunction. As a work-around in the meantime, I have asked our project teams to manually save their TW files as a .pln project for backup. If anyone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears.

For me, the BIM Server Manager 14 will still run as long as I don't attempt to access any of the project settings. Here's to a speedy release of the next hotfix!

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
I'm specifically holding off on this hotfix of AC14 and waiting for the next. Too troublesome. I just hope the next one is not too far away!

As for data safety, saving solo projects is singularly the safest way to go, but is inconvenient and cumbersome to manage. I certainly do use PLNs, but only in emergencies. Instead I employ the backup strategy I wrote in this post as it fits our workflows. The Monday backup of all projects is done by exporting all projects via the BIM Server Manager.

Maybe you can pull some ideas from it?


Frank Beister
e have same crashing problems too. I talked to the German hotline because of several bug reports and as far as I understood this problem is fixed and will be included in an upcoming hotfix.
bim author since 1994 | bim manager since 2018 | author of | openGDL | skewed archicad user hall of fame | author of bim-all-doors.gsm

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