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BIMcloud Basic backup - Task manager can't run batch file

Kooperative E45

Hi everyone,


I migrated all our projects to a new server (a windows 10 workstation) but I can't figure out how to run a backup automatically. I am using a batch file from this link, which works perfectly when I run it manually but somehow there is no way to run it from Task Scheduler.


I tried the following:

- using the Administrator account

- using the System account

- adding the batch file path to the "start in" field in the Task settings


Question 1: Did anyone have the same problem  and managed to solve it?

Question 2: Would it be fine to just run a backup software and backup the folders at night while the server is running, so that I don't have to deal with batch files at all?

Thanks in advance to everyone who will have the patience to answer (:



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