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Reverting to previous update


Is there a way to revert AC25 to a previous update version? In my case I need to revert from the latest build .6000 to the previous .5010? I'm trying to teamwork collaborate with a company that hasn't updated their Archicad to .6000. 






Karl Ottenstein

As far as I know, you have to re-install the initial package first (build 3000 something) and then install the 5010 update package.


I would, instead, very strongly encourage the company that has not updated to build 6000 to do so.  Why would they want to deal with bugs that have been fixed?  There has historically been no good reason not to install all updates as soon as they become available.  Many firms delay upgrading to the new release... but updates should always be installed.  Do they have some sensible reason for delaying?

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I prefer @Karl Ottenstein 's option, but I think at install you can save to different locations; so if you do a fresh install you should be able to create a new location and keep your existing setup. Your problem then will be making sure you launch the correct version.

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Thanks! These responses helped coax them in to updating. Problem solved. 

What I sometimes do before I update is to copy the program folder and re-name it to the build that it is.

And then I update and the 'proper' program folder only is updated.


But if you have already updated and need an older build, then you should be able to install with a new location (don't use the default location).

You will also have to apply the appropriate update to the custom location.






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