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BIMcloud backup issue

Hi all,

I've been chasing my tail trying to use the built in backup feature of BIMcloud, setup so far is :

- BIMcloud installed and working well
- Backup location set for both Manager & Server, backup location is a local server connected to our BIM server over LAN
- Schedule for both Manager & Server setup in the web gui

So starting my backup the BIMcloud gives me an error similar to "BIMcloud does not have permission to access file system" and promptly fails.

Googling around I found a possible solution in the BIMcloud Data Backup and Recovery in v21 guide, which guides you into adding an account to the "Log in as a service" Window Service.
A lot of tries later adding different accounts, creating a new account I gave up on this avenue and had a look at the event viewer and found the following entry every time I tried to start the backup :

The GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Manager 22.0 (Manager-2018-06-20) service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly.

A lot more googling later it seems the option to enable interactive services was removed from Windows 10 after a certain update, 1830 I think.

So in order to run BIMcloud backup and have the data backed up to a network folder, you need to enable a service which doesn't exist in Windows anymore?
Am I reading this right or have I missed a possible solution somewhere?
Andre Steynberg
Win 10 64-bit

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