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Linked files and the preferred way of connecting to remote server

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This is my first post to this community, and I'm new to ArchiCad, so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong forum or this is a very basic question.

In my firm we use BIM-server for Archicad 21. We keep the team-project files on separate volume connected to the Mac Pro (running BIM-server) using thunderbolt. Other project files such as applications to the municipality, pdf, images etc. are stored on a NAS with a different IP-address.

When working in a team file, users sometimes link a file that is stored on the NAS. This has resulted in three different connections/file paths in Archicad:

1: /Volumes/Servername/Foldername/filename
2: afp://servername._afpovertcp._tcp.local
3: afp://IP-ADDRESS/

I understand why we get connection address 2 and 3, but not address 1. The files are all stored on the NAS server. Why is it not reporting the connection protocol?

My question is, does it matter?
Or is this causing conflict and the reason that Archicad is always reporting missing links and [url]prompting for user password to the server[]?
Would the preferred way of doing this be setting up a local DNS for the NAS server, and making an automation telling each client to use this particular connection when connecting to the NAS?

In the installation guide for BIM-server it states that you should not keep any project related data on a different server with a different IP. Why is that?

Thanks for any help and sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum. There where so many of them, not sure I'm in the right one.
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Also, should we adopt SMB over AFP? I understand that AFP is deprecated
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