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Bim Server 19 - some basic questions

Jeff Kogut
I've taken over as CAD Manager after our long-time ArchiCAD pro left about a year ago. At that time he had set up so he could work remotely from home via that older version of BIMServer (IIRC this was all set up on 16), and as I understand he used a 'bimserver.twlink' file to establish a connection to our BIMServer from his home.

In the interim as an office we have moved to 18 and now 19. I've rebuilt the BIMServer from scratch with a fresh install of Windows. I've installed BIMServer19 on this dedicated PC and have successfully connected several of us on the LAN to the project. This part all works. Also, fyi, we have 5 licenses and are on subscription.

We have one employee that works from home on Fridays and we'd like to get him connected to the BIMServer to work collaboratively with another drafter in the office on those days. We have used a clunky Dropbox solution for the last year and this, obviously, was non-teamwork.

So it seems that (with the introduction of 18 ) the BIMCloud came in to being. I've tried wading through the documentation and seem to be more confused as there is differing info for each version of BIMServer. One thing that would be helpful on the website is to search for which version of ArchiCAD/BIMserver as an absolute, i.e. only version 19.

1. Can we create a 'twlink' file, or similar, now to connect the remote user via WAN now?

2. Do we need BIMCloud to be able to connect the remote user? (The videos, which seems to be 18-centric, seem to leave the door open for smaller offices and say BIMCloud is a solution for a larger number of users.)
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Jeff Kogut
I think I have resolved this, I will test tonight when I get home.

The answer is no to BIMCloud. The missing piece was found in the v16 twlink file (by just opening it in Wordpad). Apparently the previous CAD Manager had our network consultant add a reference on the server/DNS (I admit I don't know much about this level of stuff). I was able to enter this in to the BIMServer Manager, under Connection Settings, 'Alternative addresses and lookup order' and I bumped it to the top.

We fired up a laptop and connected it to a phone hotspot to get outside the network and were able to see the BIMServer login from the above link so I think it will work from within Archicad 19.
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So I'm trying to work remotely (and have successfully done so for years)... Just upgraded to 19 and had the BimCloud/ Server set up..

When I try to get into the server, it says that my MANAGER version is still 18 and I'm trying to log in from 19...

How do I control (within AC19) which MANAGER it uses to log into a project?

Using the same access IP online, I see the 19 server and setup pages...

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Hi Duane

When you access the teamwork server in Archicad it should give you an option to remove the 18 server from the list. Remove it then enter the new 19 server address. Think it is on port 8080 or 19000 by default as opposed to 1228 for 18. For some reason it retains the 18 address on first use.

Should sort it

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