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Can not reserve library parts, dimension lines, etc

Kathryn W
we have a number of library parts and a dimension line in a teamwork file that can not be accessed. Hotspots are greyed out as though the items are not reserved by the team member. In the first team members archicad, the items show they are free for reservation however when she clicks reserve, they do not reserve (hotspots remain greyed out and still shows free for reservation). In the second team members archicad the items show as reserved by the first team member, when a request is sent for the items, the first team member gets and grants the request however the items remain inaccessible by the second team member (hotspots remain greyed out and still shows as reserved by first team member). We have just updated to build 7006 in the hope this would solve the issue, however this did not help.
Archicad version 19
Windows 10

Katalin Borszeki
Hi! Please have all the teamwork users "release all" and then try to send and receive again! If that does not solve the issue, give us a note.
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
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