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How to update BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic

Istvan Moharos
Any BIM Server starting with version 19 can be updated to BIMcloud Basic. Please consult with the FAQ chapter below for further information.

Before Installing

Check which BIM Server versions you have installed on the machine.
  • BIM Server 18 is not compatible with BIMcloud Basic, so you will need to retire it before updating any other versions to BIMcloud Basic. Archive version 18 projects as PLN or PLA files and uninstall BIM Server 18.
  • Although version 17 and older versions do not affect the update process, consider archiving the projects in PLN or PLA format and uninstalling these versions.
Before updating to BIMcloud Basic, make sure to have a full backup of the BIM Server(s) and enough time to carry out the updating process. For further information about backup options please consult the BIM Server backup guides.

Update steps

BIM Server consists of two components, BIM Server Manager and BIM Server Module. Each of these BIM Server components must be updated one by one. Thus, the installer must be launched twice to completely update a BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic.
  1. Download the latest BIMcloud installer from the BIMcloud download page.

  2. Launch the downloaded BIMcloud installer package.

  3. Select the Update existing component option.

  4. Select the BIM Server version you want to update.

    This step will update the Manager component of your previous BIM Server.
  5. Finish the update process of the Manager component.

    At the end of the update process a browser window appears with the "Your BIMcloud has been updated to the latest version" text. Note that at this point only the Manager part of the BIM Server has been successfully updated to the latest version.
  6. Launch the downloaded BIMcloud installer package for the second time.

  7. Select the Update existing component option.

    The installer detects that a new version of a component (the Manager) has already been installed, so a repair option also appears. You may use this later for troubleshooting reasons.
  8. Select the BIMcloud Server as a component and update it.

Repeat the above update steps with all installed BIM Server versions to update them to BIMcloud Basic. So if you have multiple BIM Servers installed, you will need to repeat these steps for each of them.


I am a BIM Server user, where can I get the latest update? BIM Servers can be updated with the same package as BIMcloud. The latest update can be found on the BIMcloud download page.
Does this mean that after the update my BIM Server will turn into BIMcloud? Technically yes, but it will use BIMcloud’s free product plan called BIMcloud Basic.
Is my previous ARCHICAD compatible with BIMcloud Basic? Compatible ARCHICAD versions: ARCHICAD 19 build 9000 and above, ARCHICAD 20 build 6000 and above, ARCHICAD 21 and 22 any build.
What happens with the build consistency between BIM Server and ARCHICAD? BIMcloud Basic can have a different build number and it can be updated separately from ARCHICAD.
The download site talks about a unified BIMcloud package. What does that mean? From now on, there is only one installer package which can be used to install and update BIMcloud components. The same package can be used to update previous BIM Server versions to BIMcloud Basic.
What is the relation between BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic? BIMcloud Basic is a product plan of BIMcloud with a limited feature set.
Is BIMcloud Basic free? Yes, and it will remain free for ARCHICAD users.
Will there be any changes in functionality? No, BIMcloud Basic provides the same functionality as BIM Server.
Is there any difference in the system requirements between BIM Server and BIMcloud Basic? No, there is no difference.
Which BIM Server versions can be updated to BIMcloud Basic? Any BIM Server starting with version 19 can be updated to BIMcloud Basic.
I have several BIM Server versions on the same machine. Can I update all of them to BIMcloud Basic? Yes, you can. E.g. if there is a v19, a v20 and a v21 BIM Server on the same machine, then all can be updated one by one.
After running the installer, my BIM Server Manager is up to date but my Server Module is not. What happened? Until now, the BIM Server Manager and the Server Module were updated together at the same time. Now, BIMcloud updates require separate installation, which means the components (Manager and Server Module) must be updated one by one, by running the same installer twice.
How can I choose which component (Manager or Server Module) of my BIM Server will be updated? The installer updates the Manager first, then the Server Module.
What happens with my teamwork projects after updating to BIMcloud Basic? Will BIMcloud Basic keep the compatibility? Projects will remain as they are. BIMcloud Basic can host projects from version 19 (one version at a time). ARCHICAD users joined into projects won't be affected by the update. They can continue their work, once the update has finished.

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