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Library updates when using BIM Server libraries

Geoff Briggs
After moving our libraries to the BIM Server I removed them from my AC13 folder. We use the BIM Server Libraries on solo projects as well as TW projects to keep things consistent. I just realized that AC will not check for library updates if no library folder is present in the application folder. I missed the recent update until another user alerted me. So I replaced the folder, got the out-of-date alert, downloaded the update and ran the installer. OK so far.

But what about BIM Server libraries? The Check for Updates feature does not check them and installer won't update them (or any libraries not in the applications folder apparently). If you're running solely in TW2 mode you might miss library updates entirely.

For now it appears we need to keep a library in the apps folder to trigger the check, at least on one workstation, then update the BIM Server library manually. Room for improvement.
Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.1.1

Not applicable
excellent pickup - you should add this to the wiki

Thanks Geoff,

I have added your comments to a design investigation. I also updated the wiki to address the issue. I added comments under BIM Server Installation and Configuration, and created a new article

Excellent tip.
Graphisoft Technical Support

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