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BIM Server setup

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Hi everybody,

Can i setup BIM server on a local machine in an office where there are only two Macs and an airport extreme router (we have no server)?
If so how can i have two computers working on the same file with this setup?

Thanks in advance
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Of course, you can!
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Hi Pawel,

The problem is that i've already installed and configured the BIM Server in my computer (and in my computer seems to work fine!), created a a teamwork file, configured users but the other computer is unable connect to the BIM Server (my computer) even through the link file.
How can i solve this.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Are you saying that the two computes connect not though Ethernet cables but through Wi-Fi?
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In my opinion you have problem in accessing to Bim server folder or teamwork folder for your computer. Please check yours privileges. I'm using similar configuration in my office. You can also create new account on the computer, where is installed Bim Server and turn on remote control in preferences panel. It is simple solution, additionaly you will connect to second computer when you stay out off office.
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Hi everyone,

That's right Laszlo two computers connected through wifi.
Powel, the BIM Server folder was set to shared as well as read/write privileges for everyone so i can't see why this is happening.
Am i missing something?

Thank you
Erika Epstein
Check out this wiki article. You may have to amend the host file.
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Hi everybody,

Finally it works!!
Did a clean reinstall of the BIM Server and was careful about file permissions as Pawel recommended. I think it did the trick.

Thank you very much everyone, as always you've been great !

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