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New BIMcloud server - moving old projects


I have setup our new BIMcloud server and BIMcloud manager on a new computer.

The intention is to move all the old projects and files to this new server. Just now looking at how best to do this with the most efficient workflow.


By way of background we have the full BIMcloud and also store files that are referenced into the Teamwork Projects. We would be transferring about 80 jobs.  

I did the first one and I found:

  • When you "download files" from a BIMcloud project - it downloads only the files - not folders,
  • Only files can be uploaded - not folders, or files within folders.
  • Downloading files does not include teamwork projects
  • Exporting Teamwork projects and uploading takes along time.
  • External drawings linked files stored on BIMcloud break and have to be relinked manually.

Thought I have had...

  •  Link the old BIMcloud server to the new BIMcloud manager, so I can then just change project host. But I can't see how this can be done? Can you only pair new BIMcloud servers.?
  • Set up the new BIMcloud server on the new machine (without creating a new BIMcloud manager) and pair to the old BIMcloud manager (defeats the point of having a new server though)... and change project hosts.... at some point in the future.... But still have to manually change links, and manually move files.
  • Run two BIMcloud manager / servers concurrently. Keep old projects as they are, and new projects are created on the new server.

Any other thoughts on how to move data efficiently to the new machine?

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Windows 11

Is this on BIMCloud Basic or the paid version?


If its Basic, migrating projects to a new BIMCloud server is very tedious and painful - there is no automated way to do it, it's just a one by one process. 

I find when exporting projects they sometimes fail if there are a lot of snapshots, so you have to Save as PLN and Reshare manually to get it over to the new server.

If you change the hostname, relinking libraries and external drawings will be your biggest time sink.  Potentially if you don't change the hostname they might relink themselves automatically.




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It is the paid version.... but I suspect even if I can pair the old and new server there may not be much time saving.



Director - Smith & Tzannes
Archicad 26

Windows 11

I don't have access to the BIMCloud paid version, but my understanding is as follows.


You will need to unlink the old BIMCloud Server from the old Manager before you can link it to a new Manager.  

You will still have issues with relinking libraries and external drawings as their address will be different for the new manager address.


If you didn't want to have to relink any libraries or external drawings, you would need to leave the old manager as your primary BIMCloud manager and then link the new bimcloud server to the old manager.  This would mean you would have to leave the old machine running though.



Scott J. Moore | Fulton Trotter Architects | BIM Manager, Associate, Architect
Since AC13 | Current versions AC23.7000 & AC26.5002 | BIMCloud Basic | Python, GDL, VBA, PHP, SQL, CSS
Certified Graphisoft BIM Manger (2022)
Win 10, i9-9900K, 32GB, Quadro P2200, 500GB NVMe

I am halfway through a similar process in our office. We are moving from BIMcloud Basic to BCaaS, but hopefully some I what I have experienced will relate to your onsite BIMcloud to onsite Bimcloud migration.


I have found logging into and switching between both servers seamless, just select the required location when opening a project as per screenshot. This should allow you to make the decision on whether you put new projects on the new server and keep existing on the old, archiving as they conclude, or move all existing and new projects to your new server.

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 10.07.44.png


When we were speaking to Graphisoft before we signed up to BCaaS they advised us to use the Teamwork migration feature to move projects to the new server, rather than save down a .pln and re-share to the new server. For us coming from BIMCloud Basic it is still a tedious project file by project file process, but it's definitely quicker than saving down and re-sharing. I'm not sure if it might be easier coming from the paid version? Screenshot and steps below

Step 1 - Open the teamwork project and select "Prepare for migration", follow instructions on screen to finish.

Step 2 - Once the file is prepared go back into the same dropdown and select "Migrate prepared Teamwork Project", selecting the new server as the location.

Step 3 - Upload any associated hotlinks and libraries to the BCaaS server and relink any that are missing. We found however that in most cases the main project file found the hotlinks and libraries automatically.

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 10.06.18.png

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