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No more BIMcloud server licenses

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Hello there! I have such an annoying problem... I recently configured BIMcloud and made an user names for me and my co-workers. However, I can join only with one account and for the rest it is written the following message, when I want to join from ArchiCAD :
"The BIMcloud was not able to reserve a license. Please contact your administrator for further information".

When I enter in BIMcloud settings, every user has this data by the licenses section:

BIMcloud User License: Not used.

When I click on assign it pop up a message, that I don't have enough licenses. What can I do in order to fix it and make the team project work as smooth as it should.

P.S. We were recently working in BIMcloud basic v.21 and we didn't have such a problem. Now with the upgrade to non basic version, I have this annoying problem.
Istvan Moharos
The full BIMcloud is a paid product, which needs BIMcloud User licenses. BIMcloud also has a free product plan called BIMcloud Basic which can be used without licenses, but it has a limited feature set (which is basically the same as BIM Server used to have). In your case, you should downgrade the setup back to BIMcloud Basic:
  • Log in with the masterdamin user into the Manager browser based interface
  • Navigate to the Servers page and select the BIMcloud Manager
  • Select the Licenses panel on the right side
  • Click on Downgrade and go through the wizard to downgrade to BIMcloud Basic
Or, if you want to use all the BIMcloud features then you will need licenses, in that case please contact your GRAPHISOFT sales representative. Here you can see the differences under Feature Comparison.
István Moharos

Manager, Technical Services