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Project Status and Edit Project Names

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Two part question :

1. I get an 'Error in submitted data (Error code 7)' note every time I would like to change a Project Name, on the BIM Server. Any suggestions? Is there another way to rename a project?

2. After I delete projects from the server, Teamwork displays them as 'Deleted from Server'. Reference image. I have been suggested to empty my internal cache. I did this and no luck.

Thanks for the help, ahead of time. - Jakub


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Reference Image 02

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Hi Jakub

Not sure which build you are on but the rename project error was a bug fixed in the now removed 5014 build update.I imagine you will have to wait for this to be re-released to fix this issue.

To remove the deleted project you need to remove the local copy

Teamwork>Project>Local Data Manager

Deleting them from here will remove them from the list

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