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“Share failed” message in Teamwork

Marian Pristavu



A couple of days ago, two of my colleagues that are working in teamwork on a model tried to send changes but it didn’t work >>send failed message. 

After that, they saved the model as pla and tried to re-share it but without success. They got the “share failed” message. 
Following this I tried several options but without success:

-open and repair the file and try to share again

-since it was a pla file I tried to relink the libraries straight from the BIM server 

-created another BIM server only for this project

-tried to save the model as 24 and share it on the 24 BIM server that is still active

All of these didn’t work. 
Do you guys have any ideas? Have you encountered this issue before?


PS: working on Archicad 25 and having BIMcloud basic


I dont know if this will work but try restarting the bim team work server.

AC 25 NED 6000 | WIN 11 | i9 + 32GB + RTX 2080TI

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it doesn't work, already did it. 

As I was writing above, it's a known problem for Graphisoft that apparently should have been solved in Archicad 26...


Lots of apparently 's

AC 25 NED 6000 | WIN 11 | i9 + 32GB + RTX 2080TI
Marian Pristavu

OK, got the answer - problem solved. 

I just had to "open and repair" the file with Archicad 26 and now it is back on the BIM Server. 

I suppose it is working with the last version of Archicad 25 too but I haven't tried. 


Good to hear. I think we used the same method to solve it with AC25 but i forgot about it (repression). 

AC 25 NED 6000 | WIN 11 | i9 + 32GB + RTX 2080TI

Had the very same issue today on Archicad 25 latest build, tried ”open and repair” but it was unsuccessful. No clue why. Still searching for solutions.

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