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Teamwork projects very slow - but only one one client

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I have a weird problem, maybe someone here has experienced it before but I'm pretty baffled.

It started with a large old project that had been created in AC19 and migrated to AC22, 1.2GB shared and reasonable slow on all our client machines, but particularly on the one belonging to the person who works most on this project. I tried leaving and rejoining the project, deleting and resharing the project, deleting and reinstalling Archicad, then I wiped and fully reinstalled the computer, but the problem remains.

I'm in communication with Abvent about this, but no solution is in sight.

We had accepted that this project could be exported to PLN and worked on in solo mode, the speed is fine, it's not ideal but whatever.

Until we created a new project. It's 70MB shared, created 5 days ago in AC22 and works perfectly as a PLN - but the moment I share the project, it becomes very slow, rotating an element results in the spinning beach ball for 10 seconds or so, it's impossible to work on the project - but all the other client machines can work on the same shared project absolutely fine, normal speed, no problems. It also behaves slowly on the problem client in offline mode. I resaved a PLN, repaired it, reshared it with a different project name but it remains very slow on that one iMac.

Is it the server? It seems odd that only one client would be slow
Is it the client? Maybe, but why can it work on the same project as a PLN with no issues. The client is one of 3 identical iMacs so there's no question of hardware differences etc
Is it linked to the Teamwork user? Maybe, but I don't know what I can do about this.

The server is BIMcloud basic on a Windows 10 VM, 12GB RAM, 8 CPU cores etc
The clients are quad core iMacs with 32GB RAM, and one Windows 10 PC.

Does anyone have any smart ideas?

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I just tested changing the teamwork user on the slow machine and it remains slow.

                     iMac 1     iMac 2     iMac 3     PC
Project 1 - 1200MB   Fast       Slow       Fast      Fast
Project 2 - 70MB     Fast       Fast       Slow      Fast

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Kieran,

Without seeing the project, I would recommend to check this article:

If you experience this behaviour on an iMac running older OS than High Sierra, then please send me a PM and we can discuss how to find a solution.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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That was exactly what I needed, thanks!

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