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All of our BIM users that are admins are constantly getting e-mails about software updates. This happens everytime an update is available and goes on for days filling up mailboxes. Please can you advise.
Here is the contents of the mail:
Dear admin admin,

An update for your BIM Server ( is now available at:
Barry Kelly
If it is just a message on the screen you can un-tick the box in the Work Environment that asks to check for updates.

But as for e-mails I have not come across this before.
Maybe it is a teamwork thing? - I don't use teamwork.
Or you Archicad retailer is being kind enough to notify you - but I would have thought they would send just one e-mail if any at all.
Can you trace who has sent the e-mail and ask them not to?
Maybe an unsubscribe link in the e-mail?

Or of course you could upgrade.
One of the forum moderators.
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Thanks Barry.
the mail is coming from

It is a no reply address and there is no unsubscribe link.
But I would also like to know what is triggering these messages to be sent every 30 odd minutes.

We will upgrade, but we have as yet not had the opportunity to do so.
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The last two mails came in just 6 minutes apart.
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
This could be something that you set in the BIM Server Manager.
I don't have the BIM Server installed so I cannot check but you should check in the Project Settings or Server settings or something.
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Thanks, but I have checked the very limited settings in the BIM server manager, for the server as well as the project and I am unable to find anything relating to this.

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