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Get Started with BIMcloud for EDU #1

Thank you for signing up for our service! We are excited to welcome you to work as a team in Archicad. These are the next steps you need to know to get started. How does BIMcloud for EDU work? With BIMcloud for EDU, your teamwork projects are stored ...

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Get to know BIMcloud for EDU #2

Have you already received a BIMcloud for EDU account and are now wondering how the server works and how to perform the necessary tasks on it? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. In the following steps you will learn, among other things,...

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Working in Teamwork

with Educational License In non-Teamwork mode an Archicad file created in the Educational license can be opened by a full (commercial) license of Archicad, which will then switch to 'Educational mode' as long as that file is in use. The same applies ...

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