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3d VIZ rendering vs art.,c4d,lightwave, and other render....

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i wonder if 3dviz can mange radiosity,raytracing,shadow casting, etc better than other soft like c4d lightwave and artlantis...i myself have gotten great results using artlantis...(very user friendly)...its does get close enought to photorealistic standards...then i tryed 3dviz first using integrated render engine, and then using the vray render package.....i felt the defference by far...its was not as easy that in art. but i could tweak the options a 1000 times more than in AC and ARt.....raytrcing,shadows..EVERYTHING....also the manage off stuff like rpcs and others...the thing is i havent tryed other like cinema 4d or lightwave...ive heard and read that they are quite it worth getting into that im gettting a really close to photorealism in 3d viz....if i could get better result with those others...soft....well let me know your opinon...thnx for reading

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I think user skills are more important than the 3d software.. why am i saying this?
at the offical web pages of rendering packages we can see amazing rendering works.. really perfect.. but the question is who prepared this type of rendering stuff..

at the computer graphics, the most important thing (IMO) is user. if user dont have skills the software is nothing..

The point is with which software you feel comfortable. because all those softwares (3ds max/viz, lightwave, C4D, maya....) are quite similar.. You can model, render, animate with those softwares..

I started 3d with 3ds max 2. after that i tried lightwave 5.5 just for a short term:(.. than at my last job i met Cinema 4d 6CE )

I feel comfortable with cinema. very powerfull render engine, very easy modelling tools which i havent used for a while:)

i think you should download the demos all those softwares. and just try to find which one is your 3d package..

The other question is, just for rendering, can i afford this softwares?
i think this is other subject

this was sooo long for my first message,

If you are comfortable working in VIZ, then keep using it. It is capable and since you past the starting phase, you will now get rewarded for learning the thing.

The point is, whatever you use: VIZ/max, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Maya, XSI, ... you can get perfectly acceptable results in any of them. It is depending on you, as a user and as an artist.


That said, I have done 'some' comparions on
Check the render study and also the Tutorials section. Maybe there is something that can help you.


On a personal note, I have started doing renderings in the old 3DStudio for DOS and did not get good results out of it. I got my AutoCAD models over and did get some textures onto the geometry, but the renderings were flat and unappealing. Then I have been working in an architects office and used VectorWorks & Strata3D and did get acceptable results (no raydiosity since we used the free 3.0.2 version).

After that I returned to almost any other program I could try. That resulted in the Render Study on my website.

Somewhere in between I read the book "[digital] lighting & rendering" by Jeremy Birn ( and I also had a good set of new insight from the book "Illustration in ArchiCAD" by Dwight Atkinson.

At the moment I mostly use Autodesk VIZ and 3ds max and also Cinema4D (especially for rendering).

Did I need to mention that I have become better at rendering in the meantime?
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