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AI Rendering Experiments

Tim Ball

I see Bim6x have been experimenting with Rppm GPT so I bought some credits and started experimenting myself.


So far not great because there seems little real control. Anyone else looking at this?


Attached images are a rough render from AC and 3 AI options

AC source AI Experiment.jpgMinimalist-Living Room.pngModern-Living Room.pngNeoclassic-Living Room.png
Tim Ball

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Karl Ottenstein

Could you provide some more details?  I assume you provided the source room image to roomGPT (I assume that's what you mean by Rppm GPT?) ... so then what was your text input to produce the 3 AI modified images?

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Look great! I understand what you mean about control, but the way i see these current AI tools is for rapid explorations of ideas so we can make better and informed decisions.  Question, if you go for example with the option "modern-living room", can one add even more detail to that image?  

Tim Ball

Apart from picking the basic option images, I can't see any other way of inputting text.


Although the speed and say interface is attractive, Its not yet a workflow that gives me usable images.


Interested to hear of others' experiences perhaps with other AI engines.

Tim Ball

AC26, iMac

User since V5
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40 seconds later, your Modern is enhanced

It helps if I upload the re-processed image. Hope you don't mind. Your test image from ArchiCAD was dropped into KREA AI.

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