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Ambient occlusion option in 3D styles settings


I'm still learning Archicad after transitioning from Revit, and one feature I miss is an ambient occlusion option in the Viewport settings. This would create a subtle shading or ambient occlusion effect similar to Rhino's Arctic view or Revit's ambient shadows.


While I know this effect is achievable in render settings, I'm particularly interested in applying it directly within the viewport for better visualization while working or navigating the 3D model.


I've tried manipulating the sun settings, but haven't achieved the desired result. Can anyone advise if this is possible in Archicad?

Barry Kelly

In 27 there is a new experimental feature for 'Physically Based Renderer'.

But I stress it is an experimental feature and if you search for posts here, I think you will find there has been mixed results.



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Hello Barry,


Thanks for the prompt feedback.


I tried the feature, but as you mentioned it is indeed experimental and lacks any ability to control the shading. I think I will have to deal with Archicad's viewport the way it is for now and in the future I hope Graphisoft will consider adding the option to at least allow the users to control the shadow smoothness in the viewport.

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