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Camera and camera path settings bug

Laurentiu C

So I started using cameras more because they are quite useful with BIMx presentations but it seems there are some glitches with the camera settings.

I think I may have encountered a bug when trying to edit Camera Paths and Cameras Sun Positions.


Here's what I did.

1. Entered a 3D perspective view and "Put a camera into a path". -> this creates a new path with a camera. Created two more cameras to have a more clear path.

2. Tried to adjust the sun position of the whole path by selecting the path and opening the settings of the path on the navigator palette. A Camera Settings menu appears, with the camera number 0, meaning that the whole path should be changed.

3. Changing the sun position settings and clicking "Apply"

4. Nothing happens.


Ok so I tried another way. I selected all 3 cameras from the project map, and clicking settings again. Same menu appears, with a 0 camera number and still unable to change the sun position.

This behaviour is the same regardless if I have a 2D or 3D window opened.


So the only way it seems to work is to:

1. Go in a floor plan view, select the camera tool and CTRL A to select all cameras.

2. CTRL T to bring up the settings. The exact same Camera settings menu with 0 camera number appears.

3. I change the sun position and hit apply.

4. Go back to 3D and it works.


While fiddling with the settings I also found that if I open the camera settings from the navigator sometimes it randomly disappears. If I click the settings button again it won't do anything.

The menu will only appear if I go back to a floor plan view.


Here's a video of me doing what I just described.


My expectation is that the settings should have changed regardless of how I select the cameras/path.

Is this behaviour expected or is this a bug?


If it helps in any way, I'm using AC 26 on Windows 11 .

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