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Editing surface colors


Please forgive me if I do not possess the requisite knowledge required to carry on an intelligent dialogue on this subject. I started my current project many years ago when I acquired Archicad 22 Solo. I never did become proficient in handling the tasks I am asking about and hope you can get me rolling again in the right direction. What I am trying to do is override the colors of BLUE, DARK GREEN, PALE BLUE, and ROYAL BLUE as well as the METAL-FINISH-STAINLESS STEEL and METAL-TRIM-GOLD in the SUFACES menu with six of the colors on the palette enclosed (COBALT BLUE, EMERALD GREEN, CAROLINA BLUE, NAVY BLUE, GOLD, AND SILVER. I have spent some time on the Archicad You Tube Channel on topics that I THOUGHT would point me in the right direction, but I found that most of them dealt with how to change everything BUT the colors. I would just like to get some straightforward steps on how to make these changes but have some questions before you provide my answers. 1) Is there a problem overriding two metal surfaces with colors. 2) Will the SURFACES options in all of my files be changed or will I have to override them separately.  I guess this is where my lack of expertise with Embedded vs Linked Libraries is hurting me. Hopefully you can set me straight.  3) If I override these color options in my current files, will I be able to access those six colors that were overridden in the above-mentioned process if I start a completely new file. The sample color squares enclosed for GOLD, EMERALD GREEN, COBALT BLUE, and SILVER each have some degree of waviness or imperfections in them, how can I get them smoothed out and made more homogenous. Is there an easy way to import those color squares into the current SURFACES library?


OK, I was able to "Frankenstein " the emerald green and use it and save it in one file, now I'm trying to edit them across the board like your 9-4 message said. Where do I find the Template File. Whenever I access the Attribute Manager it takes me to a dialogue box that mentions Layers, is the Surface Color options in there somewhere?

You need to click the button for Surfaces to filter the attributes by surfaces.  You can then copy/overwrite surfaces from one file into another.


Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 11.47.22 AM.jpg


You're asking basic questions that are explained fully in the Help files online:


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