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Finish of complex profile to wrap at the top


Good day.


I tried to google this but couldn't find helpful advice.

My question is about plaster wrapping on a free standing wall when using a composite. e.g. boundary wall.

I can manipulate it with surface over ride but we are scheduling plaster so think it will not be measured then.

I would like to know if there is a setting to wrap my plaster on top of a wall and it will be measured correctly.

I dont want to draw copings or complex profiles on top. Want one unit. Complex profiles will work but editing it in 3d quickly is a problem.

And is there a setting in Archicad yet that you don't have to use wall wrap at the edges?






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As with many other things in life: They do not come automatically.

If you want accurate scheduling then you'll have to model that.

Here however I think you could help yourself with some custom properties with expressions, too, though.

If you want highly detailed sections out of the model as well, ... yeah well, go back to square one and model it.

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Hi Runxel.


Thanks for the reply.

In modeling the more elements you have the more mistakes creep in. More layers, more elements on different stories etc.

Thus I am looking for a solution which gives the least mistakes. This will reflect more accurate in our schedules and costing.



Hi @Erries,

Why (Complex profiles will work but editing it in 3d quickly is a problem)?

Here are the steps:

1) Select one boundary wall & open Complex Profiler then press capture.


2) Expand the inside/outside plaster layer to the top of the wall or create it solely then save.

3) Select all boundary walls manually or by F&S then from the info bar change their structure from composite to complex profile then choose that newly created one.


-This way you’ll get all your walls changed with few clicks.

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As Mahmoud suggested, a complex profile wall should do the trick.

You should also be able to schedule the volume of the plaster then as well.


But even if you just override the top surface, you should get accurate areas with a surface schedule.

Test it on a simple 1m long x 1m high wall.

If the plaster surface area is more than 2m² (both sides) then you know it is working.



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