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Fees & What to Charge

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Fees for fly thrus..........
Is there an established standard?
The scenario is getting the ArchiCAD model from the architect...fixing it and then animating it.... pulling it into iMovie adding stills.... sound and the Architects tag. For a 40 second 640x480 or 320x240 movie

I have been charging for model time fixing. and trying to establish a fee. The architect thinks $1000 for 40 seconds is ridiculous.

What links can i use to educate him on typical fees?

Thinking the big time animators fees might blow his socks off.

Kind regards
You guys rock

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Your architect is right.

It is ridiculous ly low

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Here is the link to what i did for $800 USD.

He wanted to pay $600 but i showed him the hours at $75 hr were much greater. More like $1400.00 USD
So he paid $800.00
Now he wants a redo and have the colors not so washed out. What do you charge for that?
I told him Time at $75 hr. I have to redo the light and shadows re-save the movie wait 14 320x240 insert it into iMovie and re-save it again.

So are you guys charging for render time?
at 640x 480 it will take 2 days.

I know this is not something i should have taken on..there are many that are much better..but i like Ficklin with it.....smiles

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cadtek wrote:
So are you guys charging for render time?
at 640x 480 it will take 2 days.

Before, using Lightworks, of course I have been charging for 'spend ours' during rendering. Since I use Artlantis Studio for this purpose (quick render and Batch Rendering if you like) I no longer have to sit and wait.... : I can charge lower prices for better results and.... earning more money...

So yes, a price of $1000.00 to 1200.00 USD is not ridiculous and you should charge for changes. Don't bother with people who don't respect decent work, I've had few architects I've worked for (5 renders + AC model changes +/- 15 hours), charging € 400,00 and never been payed because of 'too high cost' . Others are paying decent prices / hour without observations...

For example, a series of renders, see below (3D simple AC model + 4 views) : € 850,00, animation : + € 400,00

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