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How to render in archicad

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Hello guys i am new to archicad and i wanted to ask how i can render my project that i ahve done in archiad. I want to render the exterior of a house.
Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
There are many rendering applications that ArchiCAD can connect with, including Artlantis, Cinema 4D, Maxwell Render, 3D Studio MAX, Piranesi.
Also, the LightWorks Rendering Engine is available within ArchiCAD.
Check and search this Rendering and Multimedia Forum and also the Help files that detail the processes.
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Hello Alexandros27! 😉

My opinion is that the best way to render in ArchiCAD is to start rendering with the LightWorks Rendering Engine. Go to the Perspective 3D View by using the Shift+F3 Keys. (Or: View/Navigate/3D/Perspective)

Then you find a suitable view to present your house from. Choose rendering possibilities by Document/Creative Imaging/PhotoRendering Settings.

Now you can adjust for example the size of the rendered picture, the background and the lights. There are four different lights:
Sun (light from the sun), Ambient (Lighter og darker "mood" in the whole picture), Camera (Think of it as a blitz), Lamps (Stronger or weaker light from lamps. Use the Lamp Tool to set out Lamps in advance).

You render by punching F10 on PCs or by Document/Creative Imaging/PhotoRendering Projections.

Tips: All your renderings are stored temporarily under Window (on top of the screen).

Tips2: Start with real small pictures so that you don't waste to much time waiting...

And remember: The best way to learn rendering, is to practice, practice and practice.

Good luck!

(All stuff free to you from my new book Grethes House).
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Thank you very much for your tips i will put my first render in archicad when i will do it : )

hopefully will looks good
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Whilst very quick, I don't like the Lightworks rendering, just doesn't look right. If you've the option I'd try an external as well and compare the results, Artlantis (by Abvent) is straight forward and I think a free trial is available.
Karl Ottenstein
Putting sun, ambient and the for-lazy-users-only 'camera' light at 100% or 150% is not going to get the best results - ignoring the actual color assigned to sun and sky in the sun dialog (which strongly affects the % that you might use). Suggest purchasing Dwight Atkinson's book "Lightworks in ArchiCAD", which is on clearance sale - advertised in the Ads forums. There is no easy answer to creating art ("telling a story" as Dwight puts it)...and you will not reproduce reality.

I agree with PWK that Artlantis can achieve superior results much more quickly ... but, other than the demo, it is a matter of money. (Not a matter of time - you can learn Artlantis faster than you can learn how to get good renderings out of LW in ArchiCAD IMHO.)

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how can i make linelight like halo? guide me perfectly and with details,please.
As explained on pages 140 -142 of the book LightWorks in Archicad, now on Clearance, neon with LightWorks is complex.

The neon tube itself must be made of a material that appears to glow and an array of closely-spaced low powered general lights creates the emission.

Click image to play the animation
Dwight Atkinson
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amin_nazifi wrote:
guide me perfectly
Made me laugh....