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Importing surfaces of older Archicad versions



I've opened an older project and realised there are beautiful textures for natural stone walls inside the migration library of AC 22 which are no longer included in AC 26. However, as I have not been using them in the old project, they do not show up in the surface materials, I only saw the textures (jpg of normal, bump etc.) in the migration library. I could export these textures and create a new surface material with it, but that would mean messing around with the Cineware settings (diffusion, reflexion, bump etc.) and it might take a long time and end in an unsatisfactory result.. So, is it perhaps possible to access (ex- and import) the surface catalogue of older Archicad versions? Or can I download the old surface materials anywhere?


Thanks you in advance!
Kind regards,



Thank you very much, that's the solution. I have found the site to download older versions of Archicad here:

For this matter you only need to open it as a demo, then go to the attribute manager and export the desired surfaces (as xml). Look up which textures they use, then go to the library manager, open the library of that particular version, search for the surface catalogue and export the required textures as well.
In the newer version of AC import the xml via attribute manager and the textures to the embedded library. And there you go.

Erwin Edel

Good to hear you managed to resolve it after all!

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5