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New surface selection dialog not consistent?


The new surface selection dialog, which allows you to search for a specific surface by typing in the name, is a good addition to Archicad 26 for windows users (I realise its been standard with Mac for a while).

However, strangely, it does not seem to have been rolled out consistently across Archicad? There's certain items that will display the new dialog (for example, choosing a wall surface). However, for other items (like choosing a door surface) it still uses the old dialog box. I notice this quite regularly.


This seems like something that should be corrected. Please can you assist and provide a fix to this, Graphisoft?

Screenshot 2022-10-26 100050.pngScreenshot 2022-10-26 100136.png

I've noticed the same. It will display one way when I use command "T" to pull up the object, but if I do it through the palates, then it's the other display. Consistency would be wonderful. 

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