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Surface Label settings

Is there a way to make my Surface Label to display a portion of the Surface Name instead of the entire thing?

Example: A slab that I want to tag and it has "Concrete - Non Structural" surface assigned to that face I want to tag... Is there an automated/script way to make the label say just "Concrete" or "Non Structural". Don't say custom text!'s another one... Is there a way to make the label associate a long name like that with a code I can assign? That would be a huge wishlist thing though... like an AKA 🙂 Concrete Non structural AKA as CT072.. Not a good DJ name though...


Like this..

1 - Open a double sided list - Think about Attribute manager style...

2 - In the left, select all Surfaces I am to work with and in the right I am assigning each a code per my liking.

3 - every time I label a surface, I have in its settings a "use assigned code" check and that will make the label display that code.


That way we can have our libraries and especially Custom Surface libraries named and indexed consistent and with a descriptive nomenclature of material, use, color and what ever criteria we want, and we will not have to rename them in each project to fit that project's code system... Don't say Make a universal code! 


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I always avoid introducing new sets of Properties and Categories in people's templates and workflow, knowing that these are quire hard to grasp for low-level to medium users. I met users with high production capacity that never played with them I always avoid that if there is no one to pass the knowledge internally for them.

It is however a great idea that I should explore on how to simplify in implementation so you just earned a big thimbs up! Thank you!

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Yeah, I try to avoid using them when I can too. It is annoying that the labels cannot do it themselves since the relevant commands in GDL are available to perform a split. I might have a look into it at some point, just have not needed to deal with it in ages and only have access to AC at work... 

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