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Rendering site plan-big picture

Tom Krowka

Will be required to render a subdivision site plan in 3D.   Am able to render site plan, water, buildings (.mod files), hardscape, etc.   Client also wants a 3D close up pic of a typical scene w/ people on benches, nice trees, sailboats on the water, kids with balloons, etc....a typical developer rendering suitable for a brochure.   Only issue is how to obtain models for those elements that won't make the rendering time overly long.    Would like to generate this in Archicad as am not interested in purchase of additional software.   

Thanks, Tom 

Archicad 25, Windows 11. 

Tom Krowka Architect
Windows 11, AC Version 26

Good luck on keeping it in Archicad. If you have an ssa agreement twinmotion should be free I believe.

You waste more time waiting for the large render than twinmotion costs. There are other great rendering softwares as well. But if you want people and foilage and less headache Archicad is not the answer.

So what is the answer?    I believe Twinmotion was free only in AC 24 for a short period of time.  TK. 

Tom Krowka Architect
Windows 11, AC Version 26

Well I for one love twinmotion.

im currently importing bear lake utah using blender so i can have the actual mountains in my rendering.

then i just live sync my model move it into place and bam i have my model in real world with twinmotions assets at my disposal.


but i suppose that doesnt answer your question.  i just know that the render engine in Archicad is slow, it may produce higher quality images.  i dont have v25 so i dont have the new redshift or whatever its called. and i have searched for countless hours for people models for Archicad (years ago at this point though)

Twinmotion still does produce great images once you get the hang of it.  but you could still probably learn it faster and buy it and still be making money. its like 6 or 700 bucks i think?

i know there is enscape too that is supposed to be pretty cool, never used it though. there are a couple others that i have seen really nice renders from as well.

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