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Shingles S.F.


How do I calculate the Square Feet of Shingles in Archicad 18?


Karl Ottenstein

Not sure what you are not understanding... just schedule the area of the top surface of all roofs (that are tagged as actual roofing).


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I've used Archicad for years ever since version 9 and have never had a reason to use Schedules. If you would be so kind, please explain how to use them. Thanks.

The interactive element schedules have been in Archicad since version 9 and are described in the manual, as well as having several sample schedules in the default template.  Start a new project from the template and explore the schedules that are there as you learn.   I didn't find the link to the AC 18 online help pages, but here is the AC 23 version which is pretty much the same:


Just Googling, I found a bunch of video tutorials.  Here are a few of the links that showed up:



One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.2, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

Thank you for all your help!!


After watching several videos, if someone else needs to calculate the roof surface area, the following is what I found to be the easiest method:

1.) Select all the roofs.

2.) In Archicad, go to: Window -> Palettes -> Element Information

3.) When "Element Information" comes up, make sure the only option selected is: Element's Surface.

4.) Look at the area amount for each Roof Surface under the line that says: "Surface, Top, Conditional".


Adding up all the areas under "Surface, Top, Conditional" will give the roof area for roofing material such as Shingles, Roof Sheathing, etc.


Hope This Helps.

Or create an interactive schedule and it is all there, done for you at the press of one button to open that schedule view (once you have set it up).

It can even total it all for you automatically.

And you can add the schedule view to a layout and it will automatically update in your documentation as you adjust the roofs.



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