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Texture request

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I've been searching for a texture that would be good for representing a regular everyday concrete sidewalk but haven't found one that looks quite right to me.

Do any of you have one you like that you could send me?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Wrathchild
I would gladly send you one if I had it.
However this is a trick you want to get a handle on if you can.

Even if you have only a basic digital camera you could take a straight on photo of a local sidewalk around your area and take it into Photoshop, (if you have it of course) and do a "offset edges" to it.
Filters>Other>Offset edges
This will help make it look seamless when expanded.
If you don't have photoshop you could try:
a free photo editor, but don't know if it will do offsets or not.

Here's a site with a basic explanation.
Your photo looks very similar to one of me in 72, only I had a funny pipe in mine:-))
Would it be the same vintage?
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
There is a huge 3-part Texture Library in the Object Depository.
You may find what you are looking for there:
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