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Turn a Saved View into a camera

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One of my coworkers has some saved views that he wants to get to me so I can use them in a flythrough. I can see the camera showing the saved view in perspective settings in the preview window, but I cannot get that camera to appear in plan. How can I turn this saved view into a copiable camera that I can transfer into another file? I can get all the information about the saved view from the perspective settings box except the x and y coordinates. Thanks a lot

Find the command "Put a camera into the path"

It is subsumed somewhere in the command structure - I have customized my menu tree to bring it to the top.

I believe that from any view it will place a camera......
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To follow up on Dwight's reply, for the Standard Profile 10 (version 12 is the same) look at View > 3D Navigation Extras > Put a camera into the path, this command is only available from the 3D window. Also, from the Camera/VR Settings dialog box, click on "Path" and make sure the cameras are visible under "Display Options".

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...and also do not forget the unchanged-in-many-years and inconsistent interface for displaying cameras and paths.

It is not a display or model view option. Instead, it is buried in the camera/VR settings dialog. Double click the camera tool, then click the Path... button and finally change the setting under Display Options to something like Cameras only. There is some logic here, because you can have as many paths as you'd like, and control the visibility of cameras for each path.

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