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Using Reference File with Artlantis

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What is the proper way to export from Archicad to Artlantis?

I would like to be able to update a file in Artlantis while I'm working on it in Archicad. In other words, if I don't like a particular form once I've done a test rendering, I can modify the original in Archicad and re-load the reference file in Artlantis.

I've tried using the "select reference file" several times, but it doesn't seem to work like it should.

Eduardo Rolon

a. export from AC and open in Artlantis
b. in Art assign cameras, materials, lights etc
c. make changes to the AC model
d. export AC model with new name, i.e. xxx_Rev02
e. open xxx_Rev02 in Artlantis
f. select use reference and select previous Artlantis version done in step b
g. choose what to bring from previous file
h. repeat as necessary, hard disk sizes are huge and cheap.
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Eduardo's advice is right on.

There is a PDF for this topic on the Artlantis tutorial site (link )

However, there is an issue here. If your model includes images linked to GDL parts (ie the Picture 12 object) all of the mapping info gets lost. My models always involve dozens of such mapped images and they all break with the 2nd update from ArchiCAD which seriously kills the roundtrip workflow. This probably would not effect most users as severely as it does me. Still, it's a pisser.
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You also want to consider the extent of the change.

I have always been suspicious of this reference file issue since we are always forgetting changes made in Artlantis - when the new model arrives, things change back. Ooops.

I use a different method that you might like to try.

"Merge Geometry."

In Artlantis:

- make the bad parts into objects, delete them.

In Archicad.

- make a 3D view of the new parts, save as Artlantis

In Artlantis, Merge the geometry.

This doesn't mess with anything, i think.....
Dwight Atkinson

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Hmm...I might have to try that second method. I am still learning my way around artlantis. I guess I was expecting it to work like an Xref. I didn't expect it to be so cumbersome. Any other suggestions?

For the record I am running ArtLantis 2.0 student version w/ ArchiCad 12 Student Version

Eduardo Rolon
It is far from cumbersome, it is one of the easiest ways of working with a renderer, besides the old C4D plugin, when you are designing your project. It also works with SketchUp files and 3DS.

Take in consideration that Artlantis is a little crash prone so keep hitting command+S.
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC26 US/INT -> AC08

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Karl Ottenstein
Just an update to this old thread: Specifying a reference file during the export from ArchiCAD works fine with Artlantis 4 and newer. Old issues have long been resolved.

So, the workflow in working with both programs is to save your Artlantis file with one name, export from AC from the 3D window to Artlantis with a new name, and in the export dialog, browse to the previous Artlantis file for the reference file. The new model will be exported and merged with all previous work in Artlantis such as shader assignments, lights, camera views, animations, etc. based in the checkboxes for the merge. No fuss.
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