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Virtual Reality (VR) for ARCHICAD

Mate Marozsan
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is becoming an essential part of the project and the design process in the AEC industry. VR enables all audiences to perceive spaces in the easiest way. It is a good tool for communicating the design to clients and also a way to collaborate with other stakeholders during the design process. VR can offer a solution to everyone to discuss design decisions online in a time saving, efficient way.

To save time in choosing a VR solution, we created the chart below. It presents an overview of software solutions that connect ARCHICAD with VR in a straightforward way.

  Twinmotion.png Képtalálat a következÅ‘re: „Enscape logo”
VR collab.png
Native ARCHICAD support
ARCHICAD Add-in (Plugin)
BIMx Hyper-Model
Editing options
Material library
Object library
Set Date/Time in VR
Change weather in VR
Section planes
Hide single objects
View modes
Walking mode
Fly-Through mode
X-ray mode
360° VR Image/Video
Project coordination
Online multi user collaboration in VR
Coordination reports
3D Mark ups
BIM Object Data
4D Construction Simulation
Project portability
Portable standalone file




Supported hardware
HTC Vive /Pro/
Oculus Rift
Oculus Go
Windows Mixed Reality
Google Cardboard
Supported OS
Mobile application
iOS / Android

Is it still possible to access BIM Object Data in Twinmotion? Would really appreciate any help. 




Currently we use MacBook Pro in the office. I have been doing some reading on VR and its compatibility with Apple and currently the HTC Vive is the only Mac compatible VR headset. Is this a plug and play compatibility or do we still need to install Windows? Anyone had experiences with this?

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