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any rendering-animation program best fit archicad?

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I am considering to choose a rendering-animation program,
now Maya seems cannot directly import PLN files (I worry losing some PLN data especially material and layers).
Enscape seems(1) seamless with ARchicad, but (2) seems need to assign material again? (3)not sure can give the same effect of rendering-animation as Maya or Cinema4D...
Please advice whic rendering program can both achieve seamless with PLN meanwhile have a best rendring-animation effect?

Podolsky wrote:
Also possible, that if you save the whole file as 3DS mesh in ArchiCAD, that will create 3d studio objects by Layers-Surfaces - you probably don't need export 50 different files.
that is correct. still have to do the animation job on 3d max with paths and stuff.
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I am trying Lumion now, and import 50 layers one by one, thanks
check out this Lumion video

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OK, in the latest version of Lumion 11 Pro there is function called animated phasing. And sky drop function does exactly this kind of visualisation.
I think TwinMotion might do exactly what you are looking for with its "scene states" phasing tool.

You only have to sync with "no Merge" option. It's in the TwM settings dialog. That way you get your ArchiCAD layers to work with in TwinMotion. The default is "by material", which on the other hand is good for another kind of viz work.

Twinmotion 2020 Tutorial – Phasing tool
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@Emre Senoglubesides the TM phasing (youtube below by Mikas) have you seen TM do that drop in animation? or is it just that phasing?

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TM can indeed do movement animations, like in the original video. here's a quick trial

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Thanks, I will try to play with TM and some googling over the weekend with my blocks.

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