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Quote Functionality


Hi all,


I have found this new forum's quote functionality severely lacking to the extent that I wonder why it even exists...


How do you add quotes from multiple people?

The quote button only seems to add the post of the person you are replying to. My guess is that this is limited due to the Threaded Layout as if you are quoting multiple people, it should be done in each replies thread, though why quote in the first place... Redundant or the bare minimum...


How do you do partial quotes?

The added quote is also in it's entirety which when it comes to some posts can be excessive resulting in you needing to manually clip the quote extents to keep things concise. In the old forum, you could highlight part of a post before hitting the quote button and it would only quote the highlighted part.


How do you end quote?

A few times I have started a reply with a quote, being excessive, followed that up with some culling, only to find that once I have done that, I am unable to move down out of the quote box due to the lack of a new line after the quote. Somehow though, moving up a line in whatever way creates a carriage return at the end which is rather unintuitive...


Along the same lines, since you cannot just </quote><quote> anywhere, if you for example wanted to quote the first part of this post, type a reply, then quote one of the How to you would have to quote, cull, reply, quote, cull, reply. I believe that this also spams the users notifications... In a couple of my own replies, I have resorted to copy pasting text which I then indent and italicise...





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