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Archicad rectify placement tool

Paul King

It would be very helpful if Archicad had a function that worked through a selection set, rectifying the edge angles and positioning of already placed elements that have been slightly inaccurately placed.


It is extremely common to inherit projects in which a high proportion of walls, lines,  slab and fill edges etc are angled at 0.00002 degrees off the cardinal axes, or are positioned at 0.3mm off whole number coordinates, or 3mm off the nearest round 5mm or 10mm coordinate (depending on office placement/dimensioning philosophy).  These errors accumulate and propagate rapidly, giving rise to unexplained '**beep**' overall dimensions, 3D view clean up and trimming problems etc.


There are of course risks with having element placements altered en masse, but these could be mitigated by use of user selected rules constraining the changes.  For example, maximum divergence limits could be applied to the selection set, so only tiny errors are included for processing. The clean up or adjacency status of elements with each other could be remembered and elements lengths extended or reduced (within selected limits) to reinstate cleaned up or neatly rounded adjacency status after correction.


Clean up is likely to be a very slow process with this level of intelligence , and presumably needs exclusive control while running - so might be something that happens over lunch break (or overnight), or where user might manage by choosing small selection sets at any given time.


Adjusted elements could be recoloured on screen until changed elements are selected and approved.

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This kind of function might be a awesome tool. I dare to imagine that developers and other beta testers have already noted this type of essential function. I hope to see it into AC26 !

Christophe - FRANCE
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