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Plotmaker needs Master Layout improvements


Setting up new Master layouts, and noticed that I have to go into the layer command and select the "layer combination" I need in order for it to match up with the corresponding "Master Layout".

Suggestion: Make "Master Layouts" act like view sets in AC. Give us the ability to select a Master Layout and the required Layer Combination is activated.

If this is built in to PM 3.0, shame on me, and hopefully someone will tell how that works. IF it is not built-in, then I believe it is needed. For anyone who has multiple master sheet types, this would be most helpful!

Robert Mariani
MARIANI design studio, PLLC
Architecture / Architectural Photography

Mac OSX 11.6
AC 24 / 25

Aussie John
I dont draw directly on the master but add a pmk file. You can have different layer combinations to the added files.

But I agree the layer combinations should be for the individual master layouts not one size fits all. Maybe this is a bug
Cheers John
John Hyland : ARINA :
User ver 4 to 12 - Jumped to v22 - so many options and settings!!!
OSX 10.15.6 [Catalina] : Archicad 22 : 15" MacBook Pro 2019

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