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Bug Forum


It may be useful if there was a forum to discuss what we perceive to be bugs. It would help differentiate from those posts that are just seeking general help and would flag up things GS should be addressing.

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I have often said that ongoing access to the official bug reporting system for Beta Testers would be good too.

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Andrii Levko

It would be great to sort such topics or at least be able for the user / moderator to flag those topics where the users / moderator perceive them as a bug.

Then we will know that the GS may be aware of this and perhaps there is  hope for a fix.
At the moment, unfortunately, it is not known whether GS is tracking such bug issues or not.

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Now that steps are taken for a proper idea/wish functionality - lets wish for some transparency regarding bugs/glitches as well!


And this should include a definitive list of what is a known bug. 

I recall Central Innovation had a list going, but I think it was only accessible through your myCI login buried in their blog or help guide and I was never able to find it again.

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