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Construction Timeline palette

As ArchiCAD finally started to move into direction of truly collaboration and stepped out from being only for architects, it needs more tools useful for construction engineering.
Everyone would agree, that construction process is very dynamic and time management is crucial for the project. It would be nice to have construction timeline palette - where different elements can be assigned to it - similar way how it works in animation software. This way it would be possible to control material deliveries, movements of crane, construction phases. There is still exists Add-On called "Construction Simulation", left since ArchiCAD 7, but it became completely useless as many tools in ArchiCAD changed their structure and behaviour since version 7.
By the way - in reality, during renovation not always all elements, that needs to be demolished, demolished at the first go. Sometimes part of the old elements can be demolished at different time - even after some new elements are erected. To have more control over it would be good feature, that can attract more construction companies start using ArchiCAD and BIMx in their practises (as currently this field is given away completely to Revit and Co).