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Curtain Wall

Hi all,

By working now on curtain wall package I've found what is missing for real drawings production and would speed up the whole process:

1. Ability to create additional classes for frames and panels. Sometimes just to have 3 classes (boundary, mullion, transom) is not enough. The point of this is - if I apply various classes to various frames/panels I can easier modify all of them later by modifying class, otherwise I need to switch on edit mode and manually pick up each frame/panel with custom class.

2. To have full front view and section in Schedule settings to set-up curtain wall scheduling properly. Currently it's showing only one segment that is in general useless. I needed manually to pick up each piece of curtain wall, open 3D and save it as 3D document to produce schedule drawings, that is really time consuming, when in theory computer can do this automatically - the same way how it's working for doors and windows.

3. Currently in Schedule settings in selection criteria GDL objects properties are not working for curtain wall members. That means if I would like to show in my schedule only members with specific parameter set in GDL code (i.e. glazing panels with ventilation strip only to get quantities of ventilation strip) - I cannot do that. When actually the same technique is working fine for simple Library Part.

4. Every time when I'm changing main geometry of curtain wall - ArchiCAD replaces classes to default - like boundaries. It's really annoying because if for example I set my vertical members as mullions, horizontal as transoms and after I just want to adjust curtain wall size - because of this replacing I need to switch in edit mode again and change classes again...

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