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Ideas to enhance flexibility in early modelling (mass modelling) stage


I would have three ideas to develop the modelling capacities of the software:



Roof reference line position

There is an option for walls and slabs to choose the position of reference line (on external or internal surface of the wall, or on top or bottom surface of the slab). It would be great to have a similar option for roofs. There are cases, when you want to change thickness of roof maintaining the position of the external surface.



Tilted structure: wall or roof?

In early modelling phase sometimes we use a tool, then we realise, it would have been better to use an other one. Tilted walls theoretically could be automatically converted to roofs (similarly to the existing option to convert elements to morphs), with the criteria that existing doors and windows will become a simple hole or even disappear (in early modelling phase, for "mass modeling" generally we don't use complicated doors and windows), It could loose even composite structure information, maintaining total thickness,

This option could enhance the flexibility of modelling work in early design stage.



Roof angle could exceed 90 degrees

Roof tool has exterior and interior surfaces. In certain designs we can have roof surfaces, where exterior cladding is facing to the ground. In this case we can "cheat" applying the cladding material to the inside surface of the roof element. But it causes problems in automatic intersecting operation of roof elements. A solution would be to allow roof angle value till 180 degrees.


Gergő Jankovics

Archicad 25 user