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UX Interface - Custom Colors

brayan henrique
I'm new here and I use a translator, so I may be lost in creating this topic. I would like to give you an idea of ​​implementation.

It would allow users to customize the colors of the archicad interface. This would not require a dark mode interface to be developed by the team of programmers. But dark mode and many other color combinations could be created by the community. And shared by the community.

I saw it inside "Blender" and wondered why it doesn't exist inside the archicad, but it would be nice to be a little more friendly than how it works in blender

(I would like to point out that I am just a "user" so I don’t understand the internal structure for implementing this idea, financial costs, time, nor the complexity of scheduling the archicad to receive this. But I thought it would be a good idea)

(I'm sorry if something in the textual structure doesn’t make much sense, or if it’s grammatically incorrect, the google translator doesn’t always make much sense )
Barry Kelly
You mean coloured tool bars and tools?

We used to have this prior to version 20 but that all changed the the black/blue/grey that we have now.
I didn't like it much at the time but must admit I am quite used to it now.
I would still like a little more colour though.

We now have 'Dark Mode' as well (for Mac users) that also affects the background colours of the tool bars as well.
Personally I don't like the all dark screens (maybe that is something I could get used to as well).
But the ability to set your own colour palette might be interesting.
There is basically only 3 colours to control now - the black/blue of the icon and the grey of the background.

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I would love to see more colors or at least some kind of differentiation between icons in the toolbars. The curtain wall, window, and mesh tool are especially similar.

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