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Windows, doors, openings on their own layers


Hi everyone,


Since v6, I have wished that we could put windows, doors, openings on their own layers!


Like many people, I use layers and layer combinations which correspond to construction/demolition/temporary works phases. This makes it handy to allocate resources/create schedules, etc. for the correct work stages and produce documentation which reflects the construction stage - for example, a package of drawings for a contractor which show windows installed before cladding would not show the cladding.


Anyway, I'm aware of the model view options and renovation filter (existing, new, and to-be-demolished are not sufficient), and the construction simulation add-on, but I think sometimes it would just be easier if we could have the option to put these components on a layer of our choosing, just like every other Archicad element.


To be clear, this is a separate wish from a decent phasing system, or appropriate IFC tags.


What do you think?

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it sounds like you are asking for a library upgrade.

the model view options are library based for windows/doors/openings.


if the library is upgraded to allow the 3D/Section/Elevation of Windows/Doors/Openings to show opening only, off, would that give you what you are after?

it is available in plan, just not in 3D/Section/Elevation.





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Benjamin Dani

Dear All,


Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this request!


I'm glad to say that we took notice and we have added this wish into our Wish list database.
(For future reference, you can refer to it as IDEA-12348)

I hope we see this get implemented in the future.


Have a great day!

Best regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer