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Wishes: Linking between Param-O & Classification Properties.

Rajesh Patil

I feel that if the Param-O developed parameters can get connected in Classification Properties then it will be very useful to extract several required information for further Specific Scheduling and Quantities extraction.


For e.g. I have designed a Office Box file Storage unit which is based on the logic of "Total number of files" to be get stored in that unit. You have to mention "how many files in one compartment has to be stored" (Say parameter A) and mention such "number of compartments in horizontal direction" (Say Parameter B), then automatically the vertical number of compartments will be added and this will design the overall Box File Storage Unit. You can keep adjusting values for A & B to check various possibilities.


This works great but when I am willing to add Label or willing to extract information like 1) Total number of files, 2) Box File Storage overall size unable to do that.


Hope in future this type of communication should be established.

Rajesh Patil
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